Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Yesterday Mistress had me wear a camisole under my dress shirt while I went out to visit my customers in their offices.  The camisole I chose was a light blue one to go under my blue shirt.  It has a built in shelf bra and is very form fitting.  While I was getting dressed it didn't feel right to wear men's underwear with it, so I chose a pair of panties with the closest color.  These panties were lace so my cock and balls could feel anything on the other side of the lace.  They also offered no support, so my cock and balls were constantly reminded of being in panties.  While getting dressed my head was swimming with naughtiness and I had a slight buzz.  I was so buzzed I didn't wear a loose shirt like I was planning, but a fitted one to make it a little more risky (even if only in my mind)  During the day I would look in the mirrors in elevators and bathrooms.  I could easily see the top of the camisole, but I am certain no one else did. The mind fuck of thinking I would be found out even though the likelihood was one in a million was potent.  Last night when I came home I imagined being only in the camisole and panties along with a pair of heels.

Last night and into this morning the femme thoughts only got stronger.  I edges to the idea of panites or fishenets or panty hose under my clothes (without socks).  The camisole got me to thinking about wearing a bra.  Then it went to a body suit, body stocking, waist cincher, etc.  Before I worked out I thought of being in femme workout clotes and even thought about wearing a 90's era areobics outfit.

In short, I am in a Femme mood thanks to Miss Bossy.

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