Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Things are going to change

The email I received Sunday morning...

When we return home tomorrow, you will go back into chastity until further notice. I have tweaked some of the old tasks that were in the original contract. Respond with your acknowledgment and acceptance of the new rules.

1) You agree to take the dry cleaning weekly.
2) You are responsible for a weekly journal entry covering at a minimum your significant thoughts for the week. This is not meant to be a recitation of daily activities or events, unless the context is necessary for the explanation of thoughts. You may choose the day your entry is made, however, it must be made by 10pm every Sunday,
3)      You agree to email me every morning by 9am with your plans for the day. You may waive this task on Saturday and Sunday, or if we are spending the day together.
4)      You agree to seek permission prior to going out alone or with friends.    
5)      You agree to wear a nightie to bed every night.
6)      You agree to forego male underwear for your sexy panties.
7)      You will go into chastity when your Mistress requests.
8)      You agree to dress as Sophia when you are home.
9)      You agree to accept any punishment that your Mistress decides to inflict to any degree, whether earned or not.
10)  You may not seek any other Mistress or lover or relate to others in any sexual or submissive way without your Mistress’s permission
11)  You may not have sex in any way, shape or form with yourself unless directed or permitted by your Mistress.
12)   You agree to look for opportunities to make your Mistress's life easier.
13)  I am re-instituting the fine system. If any of the above tasks are not met, an appropriate financial fine will be assessed.
14) You agree to fulfill the tasks above, unless permission is granted to waive the task. Other tasks/rules may be assigned.

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