Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Weekly Post - Getting back to where we belong

The last week has been good about getting us back to a place I think we need to be.  I was expecting it to be harder to fall back into allowing myself to submit.  I do believe the fine system is what does it.  I would rather error on the side of following a direction too much instead of not far enough.

Even with our argument on Sunday night, there was no way I was going to get fined for not doing what I said I was going to do.  I knew us arguing was not going to be a valid excuse to not follow the rules.  This was also extremely difficult.  I was very hard to get up yesterday and get dressed femininely.  At the same time I really, really wanted to demonstrate that we could have arguments as a couple and not have it effect the dynamic we both want.  I think living together makes easier to hold me to a set of standards as I can't really run too far away.  It was also humbling to dress this way while trying to be "tough" about things.  I have defintely noticed how hard it is to to be "macho" when wearing pink or frilly things as well as obeying rules I don't want to obey at the time.  I guess that is the true definition of obeying, doing it when you really don't want to.

Besides our argument, I think things are going pretty good.  I expected some growing pains with us now living together, but I think things will work themselves out eventually.  This is also the longest I have gone without an orgasm since we met.  It was somewhere around the 23th-27th since I came.  I am extremely worked up and even was worked up Sunday night and all day Monday.  Even being in an argument doesn't take away the horniness, it just channles it to a darker place.  I think I am in a fairly pliable place mentally right now. 

I'm sorry to have focused on the argument so much.  It's the most recent thing we have had to go through this week so the most fresh in my mind.  I am looking forward to moving past this and deeper in my submission to you. 

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