Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekly Post

I wanted to start by saying how much fun I had on Thursday night.  I have a love hate relationship with Sophia.  I love her when she is all dressed up and getting attention.  Seeing her all sexed up and teetering on her heels makes me hot just thinking about it.  I hate having to get her ready and clean up after her though.

I also enjoyed getting crazy with lust.  Agreeing to do just about anything to cum.  Even better I like it when I can't move a muscle and an at MBB's mercy.  So very, very hot.  I also like how MB gets wet by making me beg and squirm. 

Today MBB picked out what I had to wear around the house.  I know it's a pain for her, so I really appreciate it when she does it.  It much hotter to not have a choice what to wear and makes me feel more like a slave. I am looking forward to MBB telling me to do more things that she knows I may not want to do or that are a little of my comfort zone.  The mind fuck is so hot.

We also need to make sure MBB is satisfied.  it's been awhile since we have taken care of her.  Maybe the fuckeng machine!?!

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