Friday, January 6, 2012

Post session post

Last night's session carried over to this morning.  While I really, really wanted an orgasm last night, today I am so happy I didn't have one.  When I plugged myself this morning, it was so tight that it hurt just a tiny bit.  Between being denied, dressed, and plugged, I am actually sitting here in sub space and feeling a little buzzed.  I have such naughty thoughts going through my mind.  If we actually make it to Feb 14th without me having an orgasm, I can only imagine the things I will be thinking about doing.  While I have gone 60 days without cumming, there was maybe only 10 or so days of any teasing or other D/s activity.  I was very occupied with other things so it wasn't too hard on me.  Although we started back on our dynamic on the 1st, I think my last orgasm was around a week earlier, so I am coming up on 2 weeks denied so far and I am loving it.

I wasn't going to say it, but now I am.  When I went up and plugged myself, I tried my stuff from Ulta.  The mascara primer is actually white so it really wonk work for subtle public stuff, I will buy some clear mascara and possibly one a shade darker than clear (maybe the same color as my hair?).  The gloss is naughty.  I can't imagine wearing it willingly in public, but I could see you making me wear it just before we went into a restaraunt or bar.  When I place my order for mascara, I will add some tinted lip balm that is a little less glossy, but adds color.  I can just see glasses aroung the house with my lip color on them.  I also put the clear polish on one nail, and liked it so much I did them all.  It's shiny enough to make me self concious, but not so shiny that people will notice.  Even if they do, it's deniable as I can say its that cuticle oil.  I really had no intention of doing any of this, but I am in such a mood right now.   mmmmmmmmmmmmm

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