Friday, June 10, 2011


MBB posted yesterday that she is unsure about the dynamic going from 24/7 to something less than that.  There were certain things she had me doing on a daily basis.  Generally I had no real issue doing some of those things. I guess we still need to refine the details of what she has control over me on.  Here is her list of concerns and I will address each one.
  • panties - if it pleases MBB I will wear nothing but panties.  I would even agree to a severe punishment if she catches me without them on.   At the same time I only want to wear them because it does something for her. 
  • nighties - I will agree to wear nighties, but would prefer to be told to.  Just doing it without input isn't fulfilling.   
  • the plug - Whenever MBB orders I will wear it for as long as says.
  • the bikini bottoms while sunning?  Have been doing and will continue to do. 
  • mobile me tracking - still debating.  Either trust me or don't. 
  • the web cam - would consider so MBB can ensure I have followed an order.  Not just leaving it on.
  • permission to go out - This is one that I don't want to change for now.
  • the daily email of schedule?  I don't see a purpose to it, however I would consider doing it without a deadline.  if MBB wants to know what I am up to for the day, she can always ask and I will tell her.
There is also a lot of things MBB can do to get more of her needs met.  I have already agreed to her assigning me tasks at her whim.  She can also coerce me and get me to agree to do things while she has me tied up and vulnerable. 

After writing all of this I guess it came down to a few things that I didn't want to do any longer and it came out as I don't want 24/7.  I am thinking some 24/7 type dynamic is OK, but not sure how it would look.  Here are the things that weren't working for me.

1.  Chastity being "forced" upon me.  I could see a case for MBB telling me it would please her for me to be locked up for a certain amount of time.  I could than decide to please her or not.  But as far as a punishment, chastity is too demanding of my energy.  Especially when I am mad or upset.
2.  Blogging for the sake of blogging.  I will blog when I want and feel the need to blog.  I like blogging and communicating.  Having an arbitrary time to blog by along with having to blog when there is absolutely nothing to blog about was frustrating.  I should have communicated this, but didn't want to be pushy.  It built up and backfired on me.
3.  Asking for permission to go out.  That's too much like married life.  Looking back it was a silly idea of mine.  It's hot in fantasy, but not in real life even though I was always told 'ok".
4.  Tracking and web cam.  Most of the time I am ok with it, but sometimes I just want to know I am not being watched.  It's a little unnerving to think you can be watched at any time. 

So this post went one way then the other.  I guess I am ok with most things.  MBB and I need to work out some things.  I would prefer to be a little less 24/7 than we were, but a  little more than where my freak out took us.  I am a slave to D/s as MBB reminded me. 

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