Friday, June 3, 2011

Some Feelings

I haven't been having any real D/s thoughts or feelings lately. That happens sometimes. I think that has frustrated MBB. Yesterday I posted late to my blog. I have been forcing myself to post the last week or so my "thoughts" although I have none. In return for posting late I got sentenced to two weeks in chastity. Then a third for saying OK instead of "yes MBB". I imagine my punishment would have been about the same if I hadn't posted at all.

So now I'm having D/s thoughts, just not good ones. Out D/s dynamic feels forced. And by that I mean I still consider myself MBB's sub, but I'm not feeling any D/s inba sexual way. Wing in chastity is making me feel resentful. I don't want to feel this way but I do. Throwing a week of chastity around like it's another 15 minutes of time out or another 20 pushups is frustrating. I'm already mentally chaste right now due to my lack of feelings so the device to me is like wearing a cast in both ankles even though only one is hurt.

If MBB wants to punish me I accept that however chastity is a 24/7 punishment for a less then 24/7 crime.

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