Friday, June 17, 2011

In a mood today

Between not cumming since Monday and MBB ordering me to wear a plug today (3+ hours as I write this BTW), I am in such a mood.  I'm horny and fantasizing about some of the more naughty things I fantasize about.  There is something about having my ass filled or played with that just gets me going.  I am also in a mood to be controlled.  I think my recent "freedom" is starting to make me yearn for that feeling of having no say in what happens to me or what I am allowed do.  I wish the feeling were constant so we could live a 24/7 relationship, but it's not.

I was thinking maybe on our days assigned together that we are 24/7 and I have no say at all and must follow all rules, but then on my off days I can have the freedom I need.  Just a thought.  

All that being said, I love MBB very much and really do wish I were more consistent in my behavior.

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