Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Finally getting my libido back

After a few weeks of me not really caring about sexual things it's back.  Even though I cam just 2 nights ago I am very horny.  MBB asked me to wear a plug today.  To up the ante a little bit, I am wearing it with the harness that it came with.  The harness is lockable and from what I can tell, escape proof (without cutting the straps).  It also doesn't flex out as much as the plug by itself which means I am fuller than normal with it on.

Last night during my edging exercise I fantasized about being tied with my ass in the air.  MBB would then put a fucking machine behind me, lube up a dildo and turn it on.  I imagined her masturbating so I could see her all while taunting me about how she was going to have the machine fuck my ass until it started bleeding or I was crying.  She also added that she would keep it very well lubed so that tears should come before blood. 

Lastly, we negotiated changes to our 24/7 relationship.  It's no longer 24/7 as when we are apart it just wasn't working.  We haven't spoken about it but I still feel she should have control over me when we are together with the few exceptions that we already talked about.  I think she should feel comfortable ordering me to do things and wear things if I expect to be in her presence.

Funny how time changes things....

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