Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Where are things?

MBB and I had an amazing weekend.  Especially considering how the last week or two haev gone.  Now we need to regroup and see where we need to be as a couple when it comes to D/s. I will always need it in my life in one way or another.  The problem for me is certain things may get me to freak out, and that's no fun for either one of us.  I am sure there are some things MBB needs and wants in a D/s relationship and there are things I need.  The problem for me is I could need/want something today, but not next month and vice versa.  I don't know how to get around that part of me.  I still think MBB finding a mentor that is in a D/s dynamic would help her greatly, but that's not necessarily easy to find.  I am confident we can figure things out as I am very happy with MBB and want to spend a very long time with her.

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