Monday, July 1, 2013

Deeper and Naughtier

I guess it was inevitable that I was going to get to this stage.  It has been 16 days since my last orgasm.  I am edging again and writing about it.  Mistress has been putting me in a nighty.  All of that plus the 2 of us have been getting along pretty well has me in such a submissive head space right now.  

Today's edge had me edging to the idea of our D/s relationship being more hard core.  Some of the things I was getting super turned on by were as follows.

Mistress would go through my wallet and take all of my debit/credit cards and hide them from me.  She would have me fill my gas tank each weekend and give me a cash allowance (something small like $5-$20).  She would forbid me to make any purchases without her permission.  Anything I would want to buy I would have to ask for money to do it. 

Mistress would make me start taking naughty pictures of myself and posing them on the blog or on my Tumblr page.  Each month about 450 people visit the blog and I wouldn't know who was seeing them.  I'm sure it wouldn't be long before they showed up in other places online.

On Saturday Mistress had her nail appointment, and I enjoyed a bike ride.  This morning I dreamt of being given a task list of things to do or to be locked in the dungeon while she was being pampered.  As I typed that, I thought of going on her appointment with her, but I would have a plug in my ass and would be wearing other kink items.

I did imagine my cock locked up in Chastity.  Stupid Libido.

I imagined Mistress taking me to Drag Shows or other venues to get me conditioned to the idea

I imagined Mistress would make me pay her for sessions

Mistress would tell me what to wear or ask if my wardrobe is ok

I imagined Mistress using the rotisserie that I already converted to BDSM usage to pull a clothespin zipper off of me.

I imagined Mistress whoring me out online to a Master.

I imagined Mistress letting me cut her name or initials into my body

I imagined having all of my feminine clothes back in our room. 

My mind is spinning just thinking of it all

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