Friday, July 19, 2013

Today's Edge - Shocking

I don't know what is going on with me this week.  All of my fantasies this week have been on the edge of what I actually like.  Today is no different.  I edged to the thoughts of electricity play.  I imagined a few different scenarios.
  • Tied down with an electric butt plug in, and pads attached to my cock and balls. MBB would then set the Erostek to a setting and hit the "ramp up" button.  She would then adjust it so at the bottom of the ramp I am feeling uncomfortable and then she would sit back and watch it go from 70% to 100% while I struggle.  I imagine her masturbating and squirting while watching me struggle reminding me I asked for it.
  • We also have a shocking dog collar that goes around the balls.  I recently read a story where a woman tied up her man in a way he could masturbate.  She made him stroke and she would give him random shocks.  The goal for her was to keep him from cumming and the goal for him was to cum.  I imagine the shocks would make it hard to get to the edge, but once at the edge the shocks would push me over.  The other variation on this was she would use a leather strap and spank him trying to accomplish the same goal.
  • I also imagine wearing the shocking dog collar and made to masturbate to orgasm or have sex to orgasm.  Once the orgasm was complete MBB would give me 10 seconds to start cleaning up the mess with my tongue or I would get shocked.  Out of all my cum eating fantasies this would be the worse, because I would have to choose to do it.  
  • Lastly we have a toy called a Tazapper.  It's like a mini cattle prod, and in the scheme of things not very strong, but for some reason it puts the fear of Goddess in me.  I does hurt, and can actually hurt quite a bit, but I think it's the loud noise and the visual shock it makes that makes it so scary.  I actually go between teary from fear and anger when this toy is used.  Fight or flight really.  I imagine her just mind fucking me with it, all the while giggling.  Making me admit to nasty things and agree to just about anything to make the torment stop.  

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