Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Old Times

This morning I got an email that I was to remain plugged for a minimum of 2 hours today.  I held off on posting so I could report that I am currently at 4 hours of being plugged.

I did edge this morning, but it is much more challenging to know where the edge is when I am on “10” like I am and with a massive plug rubbing up against my prostate.  I hit the edge much faster and with a fear of massive leakage, but I did stop in time.

My edge today had me going back almost 2.5 years ago when Miss Bossy Bitch were dating for a while.  We went out a few times a week, and during those times MBB would make sure she used me sexually.  Almost every night after a date, MBB would have my cock inside her.  A lot of times I got to cum, which meant I could last long enough to give her multiple orgasms.  Other times, she would have me wear stockings and garters under my jeans.  She would run her hand along the garters when we were out and make me feel self-conscious, which just made me hornier.  At the end of those nights she would tie me to the bed and use my cock for her pleasure. Sometimes she would fuck my in my stockings with her strap on.  If I were to stay the night, I would have to sleep in the wet spot.  Some nights MBB would have me fuck her to multiple orgasms and then she would push me off of her and tell me she was done.  Sometimes she would let me stay, other nights she would make me put on my chastity device and send me home.  I never knew what was going to happen.  MBB made sure she got her orgasms though.   I got my fair share of orgasms which helped keep my stamina up compared to now.  Needless to say, reliving those days got me all worked up this morning.

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