Friday, June 28, 2013

If I were a girl

There is no doubt about it.  75-85% of straight D/s porn out there depicts women as the submissive.  So many of the Tumblr's I see have these amazing bondage scenarios, tortures, outfits, etc where the woman is the submissive, it sometimes makes me wish I were a girl.  Even gay porn has some really great scenes, but I am not gay or bi, so I am always imagining the Dom is a Domme.

Search for porn where the guy is a submissive is a challenge unless it's chastity or cuckolding.  Google or Bing something like "predicament bondage" or "outdoor bondage" and it's less than 20% of male subs.

That got me to thinking.  If I were a girl, with the same brain I have now, what would I want?  Since MBB is a little bi, I would still want her as my mistress.  And since I would have the same brain as far as kink is considered, I would be lesbian and not bi.  If I were a girl, Mistress would make me...

Wear heels all the time
See the full gifset here!
Make me dress slutty when punishing me

Corset punishment

Force multiple orgasms from me until I was crying

View the full gifset here.

Make me go without panties in public

Make me play with myself while in the car

She would use toys on me and make me clean them off with my mouth

She would tie me up in impossibly tight positions

She would use the fucking machine on me non-stop

She would make me sock cock until I choked

Torture me with another girl

Use my mouth

Gush all over my face

What I realized on this post was 2 things.
1.  These are all things I wuld like to do if I was dominating a girl.
2. Most of thhese things I don't have to be a girl.  Most could be done to a boy, it;s just that there is little imagery that supports this.

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