Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Today's Edge, The Darker Side

So yesterday's edge had me thinking about the nicer, funner side of D/s.  Yesterday afternoon and this morning I have been thinking about the darker side.

Over the last year or so, I have done a few things that I have not been proud of and has upset MBB.  From losing my collar, staying out too late, being too rough in bed, and occasionally being disrespectful, I have been less than stellar.  Now MBB has been forgiving and that has been very much appreciated.  However in  my somewhat twisted fantasy world, she would have exacted some sort of retribution.  After being forgiven I would have to redeem myself in any way she chose.  Now what I am about to write is stuff I probably would not like, but because I was forced to do them I would eventually come around to be turned on about it.  There is something about not being able to say NO.

  • Chastity.  Anyone that has red this blog knows that I really don;t like chastity, especially as a form of punishment.  MBB tends to not play D/s when she is upset with me so to be in chastity with no D/s, would suck.  I imagine a certain amount of days with no breaks as my sentence.
  • Good old-fashioned beating.  I recently read a blog post where a mistress chained her slave face down to a bed, beat the slave well, threw a blanket over the slave and left the slave overnight chained to the bed.  The slave was not happy, but respected the situation eventually.
  • Cage time
  • Writing lines.  Just like in elementary school, writing lines for hours.  Some Mistresses add distractions like plugs, gags, restraints etc.   Others require reports or stories but they don't seem as tedious.
  • Cum eating.  Not forced like I actually fantasize about.  Willingly eating my cum a certain amount of times before D/s happens again.  Whether is cleaning my cum out of MBB, cumming in my hand and eating it or some other way.  This would force me to debase myself to even things out.
  • Hard Labor.  We have a rather large yard that always has work needing to be done.  I have read posts of some Mistresses that put their slave to work in the yard.  The dress him or undress him how they want and put him to work.  Some of it is meaningless like digging a hole on one end of the yard and filling one on the other end or moving large rocks just to move them.  They add collars,plugs, etc. To add the punishment most will sit in the shade or sun bathe while their slave works.
  • Electricity.  We have a shocking dog collar as well as a TENS unit.  They can both be kind of fun, but they can also be excruciating.
Now I have known about a lot of these things for some time, but have never mentioned them due to how much they would suck.  However with the dark side of my brain working, I decided to post them.

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