Monday, June 24, 2013

It's been a while - today's edge

It's been sometime since I have edged.  MBB and I have been extremely busy for the last month or so with work and home.  Most everything is now back to normal, so hopefully we can get back to our normal.

My edging today was me imagining being tied to our bed very tightly.  MBB stroking my cock, and verbally teasing me about how she is not going to let me cum.  She gets me super worked up and takes nice long breaks while she just lightly teases my cock, keeping me hard, but not even getting me close tot he edge.  Then she would edge me again and go back to the slow agonizing tease.

While verbally taunting me she would ask me all sorts of questions.  Asking me if I want to wear panties again, asking me if I would wear a nighty every day for a month without being told to.  She would ask me if I wanted my cum filled panties in my mouth.  She would tell me to tell her nasty things I would do for her.  If it wasn't nasty enough she would stop stroking and start hitting my balls until I got nasty enough.  She would get me to agree to anything.

She then unties me, and makes me service her with her favorite glass toy.  After she cums again and again she tells me it's time for bed.  I don't get to cum, but I am worked up like nobody's business.  I sleep poorly with all sorts of naughty things going through my mind and by morning she has me eating out of her hand willing to do anything for an orgasm.

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