Monday, May 16, 2011

Today has been an interesting day.  I have been very busy at work and the day has gone by entirely too fast.  That being said, I am in a very horny mood, but nothing specific.  My thoughts have been all over the board.  Most of my thoughts though have been thinking about moving soon and being able to set up a real dungeon.  Being locked in the stocks or tied face up on the cross lying flat with me at MBB's mercy.  Just the thought of it makes me hot.

I found an ad today of a bi female sub looking to submit to a Mistress.  I could see MBB having a female slave as an assistant when MBB wants to torture me.  I also imagine MBB would keep me hooded or blindfolded in this sub's presence so I would never know what she looked like.  That would be a real trip.  Or MBB could have her slave over, lock me in the cage, play with her slave and not allow me to interact at all.  That would be a real mind fuck too.

Thinking about all the thing that we could do just because it's all set up and ready to go.  I can imagine some intense scenes due to having access to all of the gear.  Also MBB would be able to have all of the equipment in sight and would probably be more inclined to use some of it. 

I also got to suntan a little bit today.  I am starting to get faint tan lines on my butt and on my hips.

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