Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Today's post

Between yesterday and today I have been swamped with getting stuff done.  In turn I have had little thoughts regarding D/s.  MBB sent me an email today with tasks to do.  I got most of them done before I left the house, but hope to get one done later by my hand or MBB's hand.  I also think MBB thinks that our scene on Sunday may have caused me some issues or reason to pull back, but it didn't. Sunday's scene was perfect as MBB took control of me and pushed me into a situation that grossed me out, which is exactly what I wanted and was looking for.  It's one of the counter intuitive things about D/s.  How can you want something to be done to you when you really don't want it to be done.  It's all about being forced or to have it taken from you.  Just the thought of not having a say in what happens to me when I am restrained is such a fucking turn on.

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