Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More thoughts

As a follow up to yesterday's post on things going through my mind.  I have been fantasizing a lot about a couple of machines. 

The first is a milking machine like the Venus 2000.  It seems like perfect pleasure that turns into torture.  It also seems like a great device that once set up, it takes no effort on the part of the Domme.  To think that the stroke rate can be set at just the edge of release and then the Domme can just let it work or she can inflict other torments on him.  And then when and if an orgasm is allowed, the machine has no mercy like my Mistress.  It can just be left on, sucking and sucking.  Even when I get through the super sensitive part of a session the machine could keep me hard and possibly get another orgasm out of me without stopping.  All with no effort on my Mistress's part.

The other is a fucking machine.  I can imagine being tied on my back or to some piece of furniture with my ass in the air.  MBB would lube up the dildo and put it on a slow pace to start.  As it worked itself in my ass, she would add plenty of lube and then turn it up to a medium fast pace.  I don't imagine this being used for pleasure, but for punishment.  Getting fucked fast, long, and hard would be so mentally draining.  She could then also use my mouth or just walk around me mocking me.  I just thought of another use.  Use the machine to rape my mouth. hmmmmm.  The nice thing about a fucking machine is she could use it too!

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