Monday, May 23, 2011

Good scene

Last night MBB and I had a quick and naughty scene.  MBB tied me to the bed in such a way I could barely move.  Although a few hard slaps on the balls really tested the bonds and my ability to move.  After some nice cock sucking (on her part) she mounted me and quickly rode herself to 2 orgasms.  It must be nice to be easy to cum AND multi orgasmic.  I'm jealous.  MBB then stroked my cock and I was quickly on the edge.  She then put on her strap on, lubed it up and easily entered me. She lubed up my cock some more and fucked me hard while stroking my cock.  She told me I was going to cum and that's the reason she tied me down so well.  I thought for sure it was so she could keep stroking me after I came.  Instead she forced me to cum and then told me to lick up the cum she put on her hand.  I really have no choice in the matter.  My fight or flight response kicks up and there is little I can do.  MBB proceeded to smear it all over my face and lips and then got up to clean up.  She threatened me with leaving it to dry.  I wasn't too worried as I could see with all of the ball smacking and me trying to get away from my cum that I could reach one of the knots.  Instead she took mercy on me.  As soon as I was free I ran to the shower and washed my cum of me.  Even though I have cum, I can't imagine eating cum with silicone lube.  Eccchhhhh.

Overall it was a good scene in that MBB pushed my buttons.  I was lying there pissed at myself for the fantasies I write about.  It's a pretty good mind fuck. 

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