Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Finally.  My cold subsided enough to actually get out of the house, go see a movie on our weekly movie ritual, and yes, have sex.  We whispered lots of naughty stuff to each other while I gave MBB an orgasm or 2.  Most of which entailed me running at the mouth about feminization.  Apparently my horniness overrode my shame, and got me to negotiating.  I said how I would rather wear panties all the time and even sleep in a nighty than be in chastity.  That's the bad thing about being a horny slut like I am and MBB knowing just how horny I was.  My libido tends to write checks, my post orgasms ass doesn't want to cash.  I can readily agree to some pretty naughty stuff while on the edge of orgasm.  Then I cum, and I wonder what I just said and why.  It's has the potential to be very humiliating if I agree to do what I bargained for, or very painful if I don’t live up to the promise made. 

MBB took mercy on me and allowed me to stay out of chastity until we get back from our trip to Vegas.  Of course this is assuming I behave.  I made the mistake of thinking this was due to MBB's benevolence.  I was wrong.  Apparently MBB is holding me to my agreement above of wearing panties at all times and sleeping in a nighty.  At first I wanted to balk, but then I figured, at least I can work out, sleep, pee, etc. without the chastity device.  Wearing panties and a nighty is a small price to pay for that kind of freedom. It's also nice to know that I will be held accountable for my horny promises.  Maybe that will help me bite my tongue while being teased.

This last paragraph has given me a hard on for some reason ;)

Things are going great, and I hope MBB is as happy with my submission as I am with her dominance.

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