Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Plugged again

MBB wasted no time in getting me ramped up again.  After a great birthday weekend, I am plugged yet again for 3 hours.  Today, I also had to sun tan in full bikini (I actually have a light bow tan on my back right now).  I do feel like such a slut being in a bikini and having the tan lines I do.

I haven't been giving much thought to naughty stuff lately, I'm not sure why.  We have been talking about a threesome a lot lately and while it sounds very exciting it seems like it's probably more work to get one going than its worth. It almost seems like one of those things that just happen when they happen.  Of course we also need to spend time with other people a little more than we have been to improve our odds. 

Other than that, not a lot going on in my mind right now.

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