Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Feeling Naughty

Lately MBB has been throwing the threesome idea in my head.  She teased that on my upcoming birthday that she wants us to be chatting up girls and trying to take one to our room.  She has also had me find threesome stories and while searching for those I have found sme pretty hot pics as well.

Yesterday I had to wear my plug for three hours and today I had to wear something feminine besides my panties.  I chose a super tight camisole.  I feel weird putting things on that could be seen but once I am in it, I feel hot and naughty (mostly).

I also had some time to tan in my bikini bottoms.  I am getting such a little trashy tan line.  I tried a pair of mnes thongs I have from my younger days to try and cover my cock and balls better, but it just wasn't the same.  I went back and put my bikini bottoms back on.  I think the string part of the bikini, the bows on each side, the fact they are women's and trying to keep my junk into it all makes it much naughtier.

I also stroked today.  I was stroking to devine bitches videos.  They do some amazing stuff.  They are brutal.  I like to think I could be on there, but I don't think I could handle it.  Or maybe I could, who knows.  It could be one of those things that while I am doing it, it would be difficult, but it would be a major turn on every time I thought of it...

I am a very lucky slave...

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