Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A lot of naughty thoughts

Even though I just had an orgasm last night, today has been a lot of dirty thoughts.  I have had a lot of thoughts lately about dungeon scenes in the Men in Pain videos.  Dark dungeons with chains and ropes hanging everywhere.  I think of myself in a leather harness that holds the chest (the videos have rope harnesses).  My arms would be bound behind my back, but high enough I couldn't use my hands to block my ass from a beating.  Since my arms wouldn't be above my head, I could stay in this position for an almost unlimited amount of time.  I imagine MBB fucking with me on lots of ways and giggling every time she made me mad or frustrated.

I also have been imaging being tied in a chair that allows my ball to hand freely.  MBB would have them bound in a tight little package so she could tap them for minutes on end.  Tapping them at the same mild strength and pace, until the tension builds so much I am screaming and sweating.  She would joke about how lightly she was actually hitting them and would occasionally give it a harder tap to show me just how lightly she is actually doing it.

Very soon we will be able to do these things without worrying about digging out the toys and putting them away.  I can't wait!.

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