Monday, January 3, 2011

Following Orders


I was wondering when the task of creating a journal/diary was going to happen.  It seems to be a  requirement for people embarking on a  24/7 relationship from all of the advice I see online.  Good Job.

I wanted to thank you for asking for clarification on my recent submissive checklist. Obviously some of those questions were hard for me to answer, but ultimately needed to come out.  Some of the things I have done are embarrassing or humiliating.  However, sometimes I think those darker or more difficult scenes also have a bigger, deeper impact.  Much more of a mind fuck in some cases.

Chastity.  Although I hate the device, I love the firmness you are showing with it.  In the past I would have been much more passive aggressive about it or tried to "forget" to wear it, or generally make it difficult to put me in chastity.  I believe that you are instilling a healthy fear in me so that I know me trying to manipulate you will not work and will actually cause me pain or other difficult situations.  Don't get me wrong, I don't like chastity and hope to earn my release in the near future, but I do believe the symbolism of it is important at this stage of our relationship.


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