Sunday, January 9, 2011

Getting Caught Up

I have been sick with a cold and MBB took mercy on me and waived my requirement to post for a couple days along with all of my other tasks.  I am still sick and not feeling very sexual, but I want to recap Thursday's events before any more time has elapsed.

My tasks for Thursday were to make some appointments for her and us.  The sexual components were to wear panties and a plug for a good part of the day.  I had to ask for permission to remove the plug as it was becoming very uncomfortable.  I was able to go slightly less than 3.5 hours, and I was allowed to remove the plug on the condition that I went 4 hours the next time.  Very creative and clever.

Thursday evening, I was instructed to arrive at MBB's house.  Under my clothes I was to be wearing pantyhose, a bra, and was to pack a pair of high heel shoes.  I was nervous to say the least, but also very excited.  I wore black pantyhose (the only decent pair of normal pantyhose I still have), a black bra, and my naughtiest pair of high heels.  They are black and fuchsia peep toe's with a 5" heel.  When I arrived, there was a note that told me to remove my chastity device and to strip down to my naughty things and go up to her room.  I wanted to resist, to say no, but knew I couldn't.  I put my stuff away and took off my male clothes.  I put my shoes on at the base of her stairs.  I walked up the stairs and peeked my head around the corner.  I still didn’t want to go through her seeing me this way.  She convinced me to come in and when I did, she looked at me very normally, like this was something we have done before, so I was instantly put at ease.  She was dressed in a “school teacher” outfit that she wore at Halloween.  It consists of a formal white shirt with feminine ruffles and a black pencil skirt.  It’s a very dominant look. As we embraced she rubbed my pantyhose covered cock and ass.  We kissed as she pinched my nipples through my bra. After a few minutes of kissing, she told me that I needed to be punished before we could move onto more fun stuff.  I had not completed tasks and commands over the last week and a half, and as agreed, I needed to be held accountable.  I was bent over the side of her bed with my wrists secured wide in front of me and my ankles spread slightly and tied to the posts next to the ground.  MBB did a good job of warming me up, but not too much warm up.  Being a punishment and not for fun requires less warm up.  The paddle and the strap, while they hurt didn’t feel too bad.  The punishment came with the heavy rubber beating stick.  For failing at my 6 tasks, I got 5 hits for the 5 minor offenses and 5 for the major offense.  I can honestly say that it’s the hardest I have been intentionally hit.  It hurt enough to make me mad, but it also allowed me to accept the roles we have taken in our relationship.  Although it hurt, I also felt blessed to be in this situation. 
After the beating, I was told to lie on the bed face up.  My hands were tied above my head to the two corners.   MBB then climbed on top of me and teased me with her dripping wet pussy.  She would rub all over me and lowly remove her clothes.  In short order I was back in sub-space after the recent beating took me out of subspace.  After a little bit of teasing MBB released my arms.  She wanted to watch me masturbate while wearing pantyhose and wanted me to get to the edge.  While I masturbated, she had me rub her pussy, but I wasn’t coordinated enough to do both.  MBB decided she would focus on herself while I got myself to the edge a few times.  Once she knew I was worked up, she got on her back and had me fuck her while wearing my pantyhose.  She continued to rub my feminine attire while telling me all the ways she was going to push my limits with women’s clothing.  After a short time, I asked for permission to cum which she very graciously granted.  I came in no time and found myself very exhausted all of a sudden.  I had started to come down with a cold, and the intensity of the evening’s activity speeded up the inevitable. 
A couple days later, I now have the darkest bruises I have ever had.  They are spread out to almost my hips, while the center of my butt has no markings.  We attribute that to the pantyhose been so tight as to keeping my butt all bunched up and the skin normally closer to the hips was pressed into the center.  Reflecting back on that day and night, I am cautiously excited about where MBB and I are heading.  Doing things like shopping in public is horrifying for me and I think will be psychologically difficult.  While the concept of having to do something so scary for me “seems” like it would be very hot, it’s all I can do to not make it a hard limit.  I am looking forward to MBB to show me clothes she has imagined me in as well as possible scenarios she has fantasized about me in a feminine state. 
I am very happy on my road to being owned.  I hope she feels the same way too.  

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