Thursday, January 12, 2017

Staying Submissive

It's been a couple weeks since my last post.  Last week Mistress and I went on vacation.  We had a great time but as the week wore on, and since our return, I have had a hard time staying in a submissive frame of mind.  My plans to wear panties every day changed as the heat and humidity made it less than desirable.  I spent most of the week in my male underwear.  I started out the week waking up in the morning and then going into the sitting room of our hotel in my nighty until Mistress got up.  Later in the week I was sick for a couple days.  I managed to wear my nighty until I got sick when Mistress gave me a reprieve for one night so I could focus on getting better.  The next night I purposely didn't wear a nighty as I was having a hard time staying in a submissive frame of mind.  The following morning Mistress called me on it.  As we were on vacation she didn't feel she could punish me at the time.  I feel fortunate that I didn't get punished at the time but I imagine there will be some payback coming soon enough.  I deserve it for sure.  My last couple nights I wore the nighty again as I didn't want to risk additional punishment.

On vacation we managed to have sex at least a few times.  Enough times that I forget how many times we did have sex.  I do remember being allowed to orgasm on the 31st.  What a way to end the year.  I also remember not being allowed to orgasm on the 1st, which I thought was a perfect start to the new year.  I was allowed a couple more orgams over the week which may be why I lost my submissive edge.  Too many orgasms.

This week we are back to our normal routines at home and work.  After over a week of not having to dress in women's clothes, I have had a hard time getting back into it.  I have slowly been ramping back up to where I was before we left.  Monday I was in capri jeans and a casual shirt with no shoes.  Tuesday a jean skirt, sweater and boots.  Yesterday, yoga pants and a pink pullover.  Finally, this morning I was ramped up and horny enough to dress much more feminine.  I am in a animal print blouse, black bra, black pencil skirt and my highest heels that I can walk in.  It's amazing how the more obviously feminine I dress, the more submissive I feel.  I am in quite the mood this morning.

This week is also the first time I have had to wear my new perfume to work.  Since Mistress bought it for me I have worn it every day.  It definitely has had an effect on me and I have grown to desire the scent.  It triggers my brain way more than I expected.  Wearing perfume at work is a new dynamic.  I am very, very aware of it.  It seems stronger than normal even though I am wearing the same amount.  It is definitely a mind fuck.  In my mind everyone knows I am wearing it and it's very feminine.  In reality, it's probably not as strong as I think it is and it's more unisex than I think it is.

In closing, it's good to be back.  Being in this state of mind is certainly my happy place.  While I can go quite a while as a much more dominant male, I am not as happy as I am as when I am submitting to my Mistress and her desire to see me feminized.  I love being under her control!                  

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