Friday, January 20, 2017

Why would someone ask to be punished?

That is the question that came into my mind in the middle of the night.  I woke up around 1:00 AM and with my now constant state of horniness, I decided to write a post, asking for punishment.  But why on earth would anyone do that?  It's one thing to ask to "play", but it's another to ask for a true punishment, something I will wish didn't happen.

It's been slightly over 4 weeks since our last scene.  While Mistress punished me she also pleasured me.  My punishment was so good that I still have marks from those nasty rubber bands.  After that scene my behavior was top notch.  Since then, I have slacked a bit.  I have gone a few afternoon/evenings without dressing feminine as required.  On our trip I purposely didn't wear my nighty one night.  I have been less than diligent on dressing back into women's clothes within 30 minutes of arriving home.  I have been poor at opening doors for her.  In short, I am due for punishment.  Last week Mistress hinted that I would spend last Sunday or Monday the holiday locked in the cage.  That came and went due to us hanging out as a normal couple as well as my time in a cage takes away from her time with me.  However, having that threat hanging over me has improved my behavior.

So why am I asking to be punished now?  In reality, all men in relationships get punished for doing wrong.  In vanilla relationships it's done by withholding sex, getting the silent treatment, or general passive aggressiveness.  Often times it ends in arguments and animosity and is usually negative.  In a D/s relationship, punishment is straightforward.  I mess up, I get punished, and we move on.  Mistress communicates her feelings, I own up to what I have done wrong and we both have time to process the experience.  Mistress can forgive me since I have paid for my sins.  I feel it brings us closer together.  It certainly resets the tone of our relationship.

That brings me to my current thoughts.  Mistress has an appointment early tomorrow.  I imagined myself getting up early, making sure the morning tasks were complete and then being locked in the cage until after her appointment, or many hours after her appointment.  Since she will be out of the house and to be safe, I would have access to the key.  The key would be locked in the cage using one of my chastity device tamper proof locks.  If an emergency happened, I could cut the plastic lock which would give me access to the steel lock.  This way I would be locked, but safe.  Mistress could monitor me remotely with a camera.

I also thought of her locking me in my straight jacket without any additional restrictions on my movements.  We have door knobs in our house that I could maneuver with my feet or mouth in case of a true emergency and get out.  It would be embarrassing, but safe.  Of course I would be bored and having to reflect on my crimes as I couldn't access the TV or my phone.  I would be helpless, but free to move about.

I contemplated her giving me a list or menial tasks or chores to do as punishment.

I also considered being tied face down and given a thorough painful strapping on my ass.  A quick and decisive punishment that wouldn't take much time at all.

I was also reminded of one Mistress that makes her slave sit in the car without any entertainment during her appointments.  It keeps his mind focused on her.

I could keep going on with my ideas, but that defeats the purpose.  The purpose of this post is to find out why I am asking for punishment.

  • First and foremost, it tells me that Mistress is committed to our D/s or Female Led Relationship.  Even though she is hurting me, she is showing me she cares in a way that speaks to my soul.  
  • Next, accountability.  I need to be held accountable or I will slide in my duties.  It's not intentional that I slide, I believe it's natural.  Being punished ensures that I am held accountable.
  • Confidence.  When Mistress punishes me and I take it well, we both grow.  Mistress can be confident that she owns me and can do with me as she wishes and I can be confident in my submission as her slave.
  • Lastly, punishment pushes me past my limits.  I never dreamed I'd be dressed feminine almost 24/7.  Without the fear of real punishment I wouldn't be this far along this path.  Being afraid of the punishment more than the fear of humiliation is a powerful motivator.                              
Whether or not I will be punished any time soon is a mystery to me.  I just needed to write down my thoughts on it.

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