Monday, January 23, 2017


Over the years (since I was a kid) I have dabbled with dressing in articles of women's clothing.  Often times I would go several months without wearing anything.  Very rarely would I ever wear something more than a couple times a month.  This excludes panties, which I have at time worn them most every day.  Panties, while feminine, are essentially the same basic design as men's underwear.  Wearing panties can easily be forgotten and ignored.  Over the last 20 years I have acquired a fuller wardrobe, but until recently that didn't mean much.  I still had the same reservations about dressing feminine and would only occasionally dress up and when I did I sexualized it.

Over the last few months, I have been dressed feminine almost every day.  With Mistress pushing my limits I find I am more and more used to being dressed.  I find myself thinking of outfits to wear.  I work hard on trying to dress in a way that a woman would in real life vs a slutty character. I have really enjoyed the smell of the perfume Mistress bought for me.  I look forward to putting on uncomfortable shoes.

Yesterday Mistress and I went out of town for the night.  I asked her to pick out my nighty for the trip.  She told me that she wasn't going to make me wear one and that I could also skip panties.  I was a little disappointed and told her she was too nice sometimes.  She mentioned that by doing this I would be reminded what it's like to not be dressed and being dressed again would have a bigger effect.

When we got home today I wanted to dress right away, but had some work to catch up on.  The second I got a break I went upstairs and dressed in a skirt she mentioned she liked.  I added panites, a blouse and heels.  I was happy to be dressed again.

Even though I am getting used to it, and in some cases yearning for it, I don't see me doing this to myself if Mistress and I weren't together any longer.  It's very much a part of our D/s lifestyle.  I do it because she wants me to and I like not having control over the situation.  It's like chastity.  I have a few devices, but I would very rarely (if ever) wear one of I wasn't required to.

All that being said, I do like being dressed and even locked up, but only because of my amazing Mistress.  I am still amazed that the meaner she is to me, the more devoted I become.


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