Sunday, January 22, 2017

Doing Time

My post from the other day Why would someone ask to be punished? appears to have been well received by Mistress.  Friday night I was informed that I would indeed be spending Saturday morning in the cage.  She left it vague, but mentioned that I would be in chastity and a bra.  The rest was left to be decided later.  I assured her it was ok.  I get the feeling she is having a hard time punishing me even though I clearly deserve it.  In fact, there are times I believe I should be punished if for no other reason than to keep me focused.  Even if I have done nothing wrong.

Mistress had to leave the house at 7:30 AM.  That means I needed about an hour to take care of household things before she left.  Mistress was up at 6 and I got up around 6:30.  I immediately locked my cock in chastity.  I woke up with a raging hardon that I was able to get soft, so I locked it up before it got hard again and I couldn't.  I threw on a pair of pink sweats and a white womans sweatshirt.  I did my chores and then set about getting the cage ready.  The cage is a wire dog crate that has a small door for passing items like a dog bowl through.

identical cage as the one I was in

It's big enough for me to sit in it and have my legs straight if I sit corner to corner. It;s too short to sit tall and my neck has to point down.  Lying is the most comfortable position, but not by much.  The cage is kept in the basement and it's cold so I turned on the space heater.  I tested the setup for me to be locked in the cage safely while Mistress was out of the house.  I also set up a baby monitor app on my tablet so that Mistress could see me remotely.  I then went upstairs to get dressed.  

Mistress told me to wear a longer tight skirt, bra, blouse and heels.  I put on women's deodorant, perfume, a black skirt, black bra and a black ruffled blouse.  Since I now must wear heels on a daily basis I decided to wear heels that were not daily wear shoes and ones that I could afford to have scuffed by the cage.  The shoes were a pair of black patent ballet shoes.  The shoes are impossible for me to walk in so I had to put them on just before entering the cage.  I added a padlock to each strap to remove the temptation of taking them off without permission.
identical to the ones I wore

Since we wanted to be safe as possible we had to set up the cage in a way I could get out of in case of emergency.  To ensure that I could get out I thought it would be best for me to lock myself in so that I could reverse the process if needed.  I crawled in the cage backwards and pulled the door shut.  From the inside I could manipulate the handles into their locked position.  I locked a heavy padlock on the cage.  I then closed the small door that is used to pass things through the cage.  In the past I used this door to stretch my legs and after confessing this to Mistress, it now remains locked.  I used a plastic numbered tamper-proof seal to lock this door as well as the key to the padlock.  Mistress came in, inspected the cage and then closed the plastic lock.  I was now locked and the only way out was to use the clippers to cut the lock.  Mistress walked toward the door and told me to think about my transgressions.  I thanked her for holding me accountable and she closed the door behind her.

I was now left to my own thoughts.  I had no phone or other entertainment.  If I wasn't locked in chastity there would have been no way to keep my hands off my cock.  Not because I was so turned on, but because there was nothing else to do.  I occasionally looked over at my tablet.  The baby monitoring app we used had a screen of starts and a moon.  There was no indicator as to whether or not I was being watched.  Having a camera in the room was new and a bit disconcerting.  It also kept me from trying to escape.  Mistress didn't take note of the numbered tag so in theory I could have got and and locked myself up without her knowing, except for the camera.  

I thought about my transgressions and ways to prevent them from happening.  I also spent a lot of time thinking about D/s stuff.  How could I not?  Some of the thoughts I had while in the cage.
  • Due to the small size of the cage, in most positions I had to bend my head forward towards my chest.  That made the scent of my perfume much stronger.
  • The baby monitor app was a great mind fuck.  I never knew if/when I was being watched.  I could see it set up in my office on a day to day basis.  
  • Instead of using the baby monitor app we could broadcast my cage time to the entire internet on a website like  I would have to have a mask or hood for privacy purposes
  • The ballet shoes took up much more room in the cage than I suspected.  I was also happy they were locked on as it would have been tempting to remove them.  Not because they were uncomfortable (they are surprisingly comfortable), but because of the space they took up.
  • At one point I was sitting up, I put my body toward the front 3rd of the cage to rest my head on the front.  A couple well placed wooden dowels could have locked me sitting into this very small space.
  • While I had a bottle to pee in if need be I was happy I didn't need to use it.
  • The bra was an additional torture.  Well played.
  • I imagined the cage being part of a longer scene.  Using several hours of cage time at the beginning or end of a scene.
  • Setting an alarm to get up early to be punished was also very powerful mentally.  I had a whole night to think about it.
  • I imagined Mistress talking to me through the baby monitor app.  She's tell me to release myself and get the bedroom ready for sex.  
  • I imagined Mistress would give me some sort of slave mantra to repeat over and over out loud.  I wouldn't know if she was listening or not.  
I was expecting Mistress' appointment to take 3.5 to 5 hours, so I jumped a bit when I heard the door slam.  My time in the cage felt to be a bit longer than 2 hours so I was shocked to think that 4 or so hours might have already passed.  Mistress confirmed that it was just shy of 2.5 hours.  She asked if I was ready to get out, I hesitated and told her I was if she was ready for me to come out.  Since the cage was set up for me to release myself she had me do that while she went back upstairs.  I cut the plastic lock, and undid the padlock.  I manipulated the handles to their unlocked position and opened the door.  I crawled out of the cage.  Before I could do anything I had to unlock the padlocks on the ballet shoes to remove them so I could walk.  I then turned off the space heater and grabbed the tablet and went upstairs to spend time with Mistress.  I stayed dressed this way for the next couple hours before we went out for the day.    

Since I got out of the cage I have had many thoughts going through my mind.  Some of this may seem like "pushy bottom" stuff, but it's more about communicating thoughts for Mistress to take or leave as it suits her needs, not mine.
  • I could see Mistress coming home from her appointment and cutting the key off of the cage and leaving me for a longer period.
  • My release seemed anti-climatic.  I didn't know why at first but realize that I could have used some debriefing before being released.  How was I feeling?  What was I in the cage for?  What lessons have I learned?  What steps will I take to prevent this from happening again?  Do I realize how lucky I am to have such a strict Mistress? Etc.  A bad attitude would not be recommended.
  • I wish that Mistress had other punishment methods as the cage is time consuming and tedious.  The fact that I wish it were some other method tells me it's the right method.
  • Due to the length of time this method takes, it seems I get released before Mistress would like.  I could see Mistress locking me in the cage (safely) while running some errands for a few hours.  She would come home and release me, have me cook us lunch and then return me to the cage, this time in the straight jacket for a few more hours.  The time I am sentenced to doesn't have to be in a single stretch.  5 days of one hour sessions in the cage as opposed to 5 hours at once.
As it now stands, the cage is a success for our D/s lifestyle.  I appreciate Mistress for putting me in the cage.  I hate the cage but love the control.  I also want to thank her for her continued dedication to feminizing me and being meaner to me in other ways.  I am a lucky, lucky slave!   


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