Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Nipple Torture

I had no real intention of posting, but I saw a Tumblr post that had the following pics on it.  Additional comments after this photo set.

I love nipple play when I am restrained.  I love how the woman above puts on the clamps, twists them and takes them off.  I often fantasize about having my nipples tortured until I safeword and beyond.  Obviously putting clamps on and taking them off do wonders.  Fingernails, teeth, high heels, emery boards, hair clips, binder clips, tape, and pointy things and suction all do wonders as well.  I think of Mistress working my nipples over until they are irritated and red and the pain lingers for days.  I get hard just thinking about it.  

Clamps on the tongue suck

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