Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A bit of rambling

10 straight nights in a nighty
9 days since my last orgasm
7 days in chastity

Those three things have me in quite a state of mind.  Mistress is out of town and if I were not locked up, I believe I would have edged myself so many times one of those edges would have likely gone a bit too far and I would have spilled.  I am so careful about not going too far, that on those rare occasions when it does happen it's pretty much a ruined orgasm.

Every morning I have woken up in such a horny mood.  I wake myself up with naughty thoughts and desires.  The longer I go without orgasm, the more naughty they become.  I would be edging myself, but my new device keeps that from happening, but the lack of edging doesn't take away the desire.

Mistress said she was torn between having me locked up while she was gone, or making me cum into a pair of panties, to be used as a gag at a later time.  I absolutely loved it when she recently took a cum crusted pair of panties I had cum in over a year ago and used it as a gag.  Her wish to make me do that again has been playing in my mind over and over.  I came up with some variations of the idea.

  • Mistress would order me to unlock myself, cum in a pair of panties and then immediately lock myself back up with the next numbered lock.  I would have to record it for proof I did as told.
  • Mistress would have me put the panties in a ziplock and put it in the freezer for later use.  Instead of me sucking on dry cum, I would be sucking on gooey thawed cum.
In addition to this, I have been thinking about the marks I still have on my inner thighs from over a week ago.  I love wearing marks on my body that Mistress has given me.  I love being vulnerable and helpless so she can hurt me.  I fantasize about her hurting me more than she ever has.  I fantasize about being pushed past my limits and Mistress getting more turned on the more she hurts me.

Lastly, my nighties have me thinking about wearing soft, sexy, feminine clothes.  The erotic humiliation of wearing feminine items for Mistress is intoxicating.

I just had to ramble a bit on how I am feeling this morning. I miss my Mistress and when she's gone my mind goes into submissive overdrive for some reason.  I am a hot little mess today.    

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  1. I have never gone thru what you are at this time and at present we don't have a cage to lock me in but I can understand how you are feeling. Absence does make the mind wonder and desires to grow. Maybe when she returns she will allow some of them to take place. She might even bend you over lift your skirt and take you long and hard.