Friday, June 3, 2016


So it turns out I measured wrong for my new chastity device.  The seller was kind to let me redo it for a reduced price, but the lead time is long.  I decided to make an adjustment to see if I could still wear it while waiting for the new device.  I am happy to announce that I can.  I have been locked full time for 52 hours, with no discomfort.  For that reason I removed the metal lock and installed the plastic tamper proof lock.  This device is comfortable enough that I won't get resentful if Mistress isn't into D/s.  I can stay locked 24/7 indefinitely and not dwell on it the whole time.  The best part is my balls don't get relentlessly tugged on so I can actually sleep through most erections.

To keep myself honest I went through all of my remaining security tags.  I wished I used them in order prior to this to make it easier, but I didn't.

Below is a list of all tags.  The grayed out ones are ones previously used.  I installed #537003 today.

Now I am locked until Mistress decides otherwise.  She con spot check the number to make sure I haven't cheated.  She's going on her trip soon so I am pretty certain I will be locked during that time.  I'll be lucky if she decides to use my cock sooner and then I can use the next tag.  Of course, there is no requirement to unlock me for me to pleasure her.  Some of my hottest times have been taking care of her while locked.

I am very excited to think I have found a comfortable, cheat proof, 24/7/365 solution to chastity.

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