Friday, June 17, 2016

Feminine orders

I am now at 3 weeks of wearing a nighty every night.  Yesterday I was ordered to wear panties and a camisole under my work clothes.  It's one thing to wear panties, but a whole other thing to wear anything on my upper half in public.  I picked out a shirt that is a little thicker and has a pattern to hide the obvious lines of the camisole.  I was very aware of the situation I was in all day long.  I found myself having to adjust the shoulder straps on my shoulder a few times during the day as they kept sliding down.  In short, my mind was in a very submissive feminine mood all day.  That mood carried over to today and while it messes with my mind it does so in a good way.  I particularly like it when Mistress taunts me a bit with femininity.  I this case I had to text her a picture while I was at work.  She then commented on the sexiness causing me to blush.  When we go to bed at night and she reminds me of my nighty and my place in our relationship, it goes straight to my brain.  There is nothing like some erotic humiliation to get me going.


  1. It really is a different "game" when you have lingerie under your dress shirt! REally have to be careful! :) s

  2. So true. I was sooo self concious, and I am certain nobody knew, but I was still freaked out.