Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Clean up duty

The other night Mistress and I had some after work cocktails, a nice bath and some naughty time.  I was able to have Mistress let me tease and deny her with my fingers.  I would get her close to the edge of orgasm and stop.  It frustrated her, but I was able to convince her to let me do it a few more times.  In between edging her I also put my cock inside her and edged myself with her pussy.  When I thought she was ready, I went ahead and made her cum with my fingers.  She came harder than I expected which I attribute to the edging.  I gave her a few more orgasms and each one was wetter than the last.  She was cumming so hard I loved it.  Mistress had me put my cock inside her.  I was wanting to cum, but not quite there.  I asked Mistress to egg me on a bit and she started telling me how I was going to eat the cum out of her pussy once I came.  Now I hate doing it, but I went from half way ready to cum, to not being able to stop from cumming.  In no time I was asking permission to cum and it was granted.  I came hard, and Mistress didn't miss a beat, she told me to clean her out.  I was reluctant, but also didn't to see that would happen if I refused.  I also knew that the sooner I started, the easier it would be as I still hadn't had my post orgasm drop yet.  Had I waited the task would have been much harder.  I cleaned up what I could and proceeded to give Mistress one more super squirty orgasm.

The next morning, Mistress told me I could expect to do that every time I cum.  I kind of brushed it off, but at the same time it certainly is in my mind. I don't like it, but that makes me like it.  The loss of control on my part, and her taking more control is so hot to me.  Making me do things she knows I don't like is also super hot.  I think about what might happen if I decide I don't want to do it.  Is it a cage-able offense?  It is if she says it is.

This situation reminds me of something a read a while ago.  The Mistress made her slave cum into his hand and then roll 3 dice.  For each dot on the dice the sub had to wait 10 seconds before he could eat his cum.  A minimum 30 seconds and a terrible 3 minute wait for it to get all cold and his horniness to drop off.

So while I don't like my new task, I am very excited to see where it takes us...


  1. I have a love hate relationship with clean up duty. I know how much she loves it as she has more climaxes. The last picture is what I saw the other night after we had sex. My cum was running down to her back door which meant I'd have to clean that also and that turned me on. I must say I love it when the outside is also covered in my juices rather than just a trickle. It sounds like you are going to get clean up duty no mater where you cum you lucky guy.

  2. When I was younger it would have been a hard limit for me. Now it's a kind of soft limit that apparently will be going away soon.