Saturday, March 26, 2016

Choices made for me

Last night Mistress and I went out to dinner.  When we came home we had to do some quick chores before relaxing on the couch.  I asked Mistress to grab something comfortable for me to wear when she went upstairs to change clothes.  She came down with a pair of women's yoga/lounge pants.  The pants are subtle, but certainly feminine.  There is no place for my cock and balls so they are fairly prominent.  I didn't think much of it last night, but I realized this morning that it had been some time since Mistress picked out something for me to wear.  There is something very powerful about picking out another person's clothes.  It goes perfectly with my desire to have control taken from me.  As I was lying in bed waking up this morning my mind raced about other things being chosen for me.

  • Men's clothes.  I love it when Mistress chooses what she wants me to wear, especially if I have already chosen something else and she makes me change.
  • Toys.  Wearing a butt plug or cock and ball toy gets me very hot.
  • Panties.  I love it when Mistress picks out panties for me to wear, especially when I am not expecting it (like getting out of the shower).
  • For a total mind fuck add a bra.
  • Being told to wear pantyhose, stockings or any other feminine undergarment.  Especially when together.
  • Women's trouser socks instead of mail socks.  Depending on the sock, it could be very feminine and I would be afraid of being found out no matter how unlikely. 
  • Finding a nighty on the bed when I least expect it is a rush.
  • Being told to paint my nails is also a rush.  Especially my fingernails.  I got hard thinking of wearing pink nail polish on my fingernails for a day or 2 on a weekend.
  • Women's deodorant.  Having Mistress pick out a feminine deodorant for me to wear and her telling me when to wear it, is very hot to me.
  • Women's perfume.  I fantasize about Mistress making me wear perfume at certain times.  I imagine her spraying my underwear drawer with a slutty scent.  I imagine having to wear it to bed so that I can't get it out of my mind.
  • Chastity.  Being told to go in chastity is the ultimate forced item to wear. 

1 comment:

  1. Nice... yes, women's yoga pants (and jeggings) leave little to the imagination if they are tight! Your Wife probably enjoyed that.
    Great when Women take the lead. My Wife rarely suggests specific lingerie, wish She would more. i do wear women's deodorant.
    The socks thing is new on me -- gosh, you know those little socks with the frills on top, now that would be scary going out shopping in!