Monday, March 7, 2016

Chastity and Stuff

On Saturday Mistress confirmed she thinks I should be in a device I can easily wear long term.  Now it's a matter of figuring out color and size.  Black looks cool and goes with anything, however I am partial to pink, hot pink or purple in order to add some erotic humiliation to the mix.  Pink would add an extra level of fear of being caught.  In order to get the sizing correct I have been measuring multiple times.  Soft, hard, over several days.  Today to get my hard measurements, I edged a few times.  I watched some girl on girl porn with Mistress favorite Domme.


While watching and edging, a little bit of precum came out.  In exchange for the privilege of edging I have promised to eat any cum that spills out.  This usually keeps me well from the edge, but sometimes I leak without even being close to the edge.  I scooped the cum off the tip of my cock and licked it off my finger.  I ended up having to do it a few times.  I then went to work out.  When I got to the basement, I noticed my cock still dripping.  There was enough to taste yet again.  yuck.

The rest of my workout I had a glob of cum sitting in the back of my throat.  It definitely put me in a more submissive state of mind.  All workout my mind was spinning with ideas.

Last night I had a dream, but it was more of a verbal dream as I don;t remember any imagery.  Mistress and I were in bed and Mistress told me to put on one of my dresses.  I asked her which one and she told me to pick one.  I begged her to pick one for me and she told me know.  I remember going into my closet wanting to wear one of the 2 that are hidden in the back, but never got that far for some reason.  It's not often I dream about feminization so I think that helped with my mood this morning.       

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  1. On these, yes, i remember the first times i tasted my own cum (and i've only done my own)... a very strange feeling and texture. Sometimes you can rationalize it by saying you don't want to stain your pants, lol!
    i only have one dress (though Wife has many i can all fit in), but nothing like getting dressed up a bit to improve the chores of the day!!