Thursday, March 17, 2016

Erotic Tapping

Anyone can hit hard if they want to cause pain.  That's easy.

However, I frequently fantasize about those who can create pain with soft and gentle hitting.  There is such a mind fuck getting hit in such a soft way but having it still hurt.  Here are some writings that address my fantasies.

Kate had a length of rough hemp rope and was using it to wrap tightly around my balls. It dug into the skin of my scrotum and hurt like hell. I whimpered. Kate tied it to another rope that hung from her ceiling, pulling the rope taut until my balls were grotesquely stretched to their limit. I could even feel the pull up into the muscles of my abdomen. My cock, however, continued to bob in the air.  Resuming her position between my legs, she began tapping my balls with a small plastic ruler. The taps themselves were not hard to take at first, but after the first few, the effect was that of hitting my balls with a baseball bat. I threw my head from side to side and screamed into my gag. Kate went on and on with it until I wished I could die.  The pain was terrible, and would have caused me to double up, if I could have done it.

Another excerpt

Lady M rose and walked behind me. Not being able to see her increased my concern and anticipation. She grabbed my balls and then rested her cane on them. I heard her pause and take a deep breath. She then very slowly raised the cane and brought it down softly on my vulnerable balls. She tapped my balls and continued to softly tap them with the cane on the same spot. The pain started slowly and then really built. The repeated motion, although it was relatively soft, continued to build to increasing pain. She would not stop. I began moaning and crying which seemed to arouse her more as I heard her moans. After a long time she stopped the caning and squeezed my balls even tighter. Lady M then grabbed my defenseless cock and did the seem thing to the middle of my cock. It hurt like hell. Once again the gentle taps on the same spot built up to an incredible intensity. I was thrashing and moaning but could do nothing but take it. I had to surrender and soon felt the passion of subspace as time seemed to stand still. I was so in the moment. Lady M then paused and moved on to cane the very tip of my cock. This did hurt the most but I was in another world. I closed my eyes and focused on Lady M's growing pleasure. I was taking the pain for her. I drifted off. 

As typical with pictures online there is a lack of great pictures with men in the position I want to be in.  

There are however quite a few of women getting lightly tapped in a way I dream of.   This first one was taken from a 90 second video I saw online.  I loved how helpless she was and in fact was very jealous of the distress she seemed to be in.  I edged to it a few times while watching it.  

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