Thursday, April 14, 2016


It's been a while since I have posted as life just gets in the way sometimes.  There hasn't been much going on in my kinky mind except Sunday and today.  Sunday and today are hangover days.  Saturday night Mistress and I spent a night out of town with friends and we had a little too much to drink.  I woke up hungover and horny.  My mind immediately went to naughty thoughts.  I had imagined us going home and Mistress tying me down to the bed and teasing me for hours and not letting me cum.  We would watch TV in bed and she would torment my nipples and cock all day long.  Not practical, but still very thought provoking for my dirty mind.

Today I find myself in a similar situation.  I picked up my car this morning and on the way home decided to be a little naughty today. I told myself that I as soon as I got home I would lock myself in chastity, and wear something naughty.  When I got home I locked myself up, went into the closet and picked out one of the dresses that hang in the back.  A slutty dress isn't complete without slutty heels.  I went down to the locked closet and put some strappy 6 inch heels on (a true six inches, no platform).  I promised myself I would keep them on until 9am or until I finished this post and it's almost 9:30 now.  I made my breakfast and did some work and it was very awkward teetering in those heels, but exhilarating.

On a side note.  I had a recent dream.  I arrived at a house and walked in the front door.  Inside was a woman and she pointed me upstairs.  I went up into a bedroom and there was a man tied to the bed and blindfolded.  I shoved my cock in his mouth and fucked his face until I came and then I left.  I think he was reluctantly expecting it.  It was very quick and straight to the point, but surprising I had another dream where I was sexual with a man.  

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