Saturday, March 5, 2016

3rd orgasm this year

A couple days ago Mistress granted me my 3rd orgasm for the year.  I really didn't want to cum.  I wanted to be denied and then teased and tormented all weekend.  I had fantasized about being tied down and relentlessly teased.  Denied and coerced into confessing all the pathetic things I would do as her slave.  Mistress using the dildo gag strapped to my head to squirt all over my face and busting my full balls.  To be dressed as her little sissy slut or cheerleader.  Wearing heavy makeup, nail polish and a slutty perfume on my knees sucking a strap-on dildo she is wearing.  Getting deep throated until my mascara was running due to tears.  Locked in my chastity device while Mistress fucked me in the ass and then me spending hours with my face in between her legs while still dressed all slutty.  Using toys and fingers to make Mistress cum so many times she couldn't walk.  Me not being allowed to cum.  mmmmmmmm!

I think about being so horny and full of cum that I could and would do this.

I have recently spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about being locked in chastity.  Remembering of how I was on such a high for the 4 weeks and 1 day Mistress had me locked in December and January.  I found another picture of the device I am considering buying.  I love how small, simple and comfortable it looks.  It seems like the perfect way to be permanently locked without the discomfort and difficulty of a ball trap device.  Although in some cases discomfort is the desired effect.
Lastly, I found a blog post I found relevant to something Mistress would like to see happen.  This blog post is about a Mistress forcing her slave boys to be sexual together.  I am still personally against it, but if it were to happen this is close to how I can imagine it happening with me on the receiving end.


  1. Love the looks of the black cage. It appears to have a sound in your hole do you have to remove it to pee? I feel most submissive men have the same desires to be used like you just posted. My wife ( Mistress ) did this to me a bit ago. She had gone to an auto supply store and bought a funnel with a hose on the end for reaching those hard to reach places. Then she cut the hose off to about 4-5 inches. I didn't know she had this and one evening she spanked me in the family room getting good and red then had me lay on the floor on a towel. I was told to lay there with my eyes closed. she left then came back and spread my cheeks. I thought she was going to butt plug me or peg me. I then felt something slender going in my bottom and something else keeping my cheeks spread. then she straddled me and masturbated until she squirted into the funnel which ran into my bottom. It felt great then she removed it and put my butt plug in so it had to stay there for awhile. She has since done that to me a few times.

    1. It's not really a sound. Instead of using a lock or a piece of jewelry in a piercing, this is integrated into the device to prevent removal. It's the same gauge as my captive bead ring I normally wear, peeing shouldn't be an issue.

  2. Congratulations on your 3rd orgasm!!
    Your fantasy and the vid nearly have me cumming in my panties, lol!

    That was a good post link, too. i can't imagine doing it, but the "forced" part would certainly have to be a major part. Well, maybe i could imagine it with heavy forcing.

  3. I love the idea of cumming with no cock stimulation.