Monday, July 6, 2015

Post before I chicken out

According to the page I track my orgasms on, I just passed the 3 week mark for an orgasm.  That's my orgasms.  I certainly hope Mistress has been making herself cum while I go without.  I find that when I get past 2 weeks my thoughts, fantasies and actions get much more bold.

For example, this morning, I was watching a couple Divine Bitches samples and edging myself.  Before I even got hard I started to feel like some cum was starting to escape so I stopped touching myself.  Before long a large drop of cum oozed out of the tip of my penis and the hole in my piercing.  Normally I would grab a paper towel or kleenex and clean it up and keep edging, but in the mood I was in I said "what the hell".  I scooped up the cum between my finger and thumb and cleaned it off with my tongue.  I tried to edge again, but between the cum, my spit and more cum, I was too sticky and I couldn't get the right feeling.  So I milked what I could and kept feeding it to myself.  I would say I managed to get 3 drops the size of the cotton end on a Q-tip into my mouth.  It didn't taste bad, or my horniness made it seem to not taste bad. I had the stickiness in the back of my throat for about 30 minutes.  Reading that back I am ashamed to admit I did that.  I feel like such a slut.

Before I got carried away I stopped and went to go work out.  But before I did I changed into these workout shorts.

While working out I planned the rest of my day.  I have a few hours of work to do in which I will keep wearing my femme workout shorts.  After that I will go shave my body, however this time I am going to mix a vial of perfume from my bag of makeup in my bathwater.  After I get my body free of hair I will put on a naughty pair of lacy panties.  If I don't chicken out I will also put on some clear mascara (or black if I am brave), tinted lip balm and a couple drops of the perfume I bathed in.  I will get dressed in men's shorts and a shirt and will go to the grocery store for items for dinner.  

I am going to post this and get to work before I chicken out.  It certainly is somewhat of a mindfuck about being this horny and the things I want to do....

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