Saturday, July 4, 2015

Perfect Description

I saw this online the other day.  Although it's written by a woman, change out a couple of the words and it perfectly describes how I feel most of the time.

Today I am having one of those days where my entire being is aching to be used and controlled and tortured. It’s one of those days where I want to be pushed hard and cruelly. Where I want someone to laugh at my moans, laugh at the idea that it might be too much for me. To tell me that it doesn’t fucking matter what I want, that I will keep going until they are done with me. That they are having such a good time playing with their toy that they could just keep at it all day. That my tears are just a bonus for them. That they want to see me suffer for them. 

Today I want dark and cruel. Bound tightly, spread wide open. The sounds of others getting to cum playing over and over in my ears, while they cruelly keep me far away from the edge. Where they take their time, spending hours touching every inch of my body before even going near my desperately aching pussy. My eyes forced to watch how my empty pussy spasms as they touch me, so desperate, so wet, and so achingly neglected. Watching as my hips struggle to move against the bonds. Watching how every once in awhile a finger hovers teasingly over my clit, always managing to just avoid touching it, and the laughter that follows as my pussy spasms wildly anticipating the touch, overpowering the sounds in my ears. The sounds of orgasms slowly becoming the sounds of conditioning. At first one phrase every few minutes “Good tease toys love to suffer” “Good tease toys love to ache”. Gradually taking on more and more of the recording until the recording has completely taken over my mind. “Good tease toys love being tortured”. Desperate begging and moans replaced with whimpers as my resistance is overcome. Complete submission to my teasing reality.

That’s when I feel the first gentle teasing touch of a feather against my clit.

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