Thursday, July 2, 2015

More from yesterday

Mistress forgot to have my put on my nighty last night.  I was happy to not wear it, but also secretly wanted to wear it.

This morning I fantasized about waking up in my nighty, getting out of bed and then going to the bathroom.  I would come out of the bathroom and would start taking off my nighty.  Mistress would stop me and then tell me I can't take off the nighty until she leaves the house for work.  She would then tell me to go make her lunch.  I would be mortified, but also extremely aroused.  The humiliation of prancing around the kitchen in a super short nighty would go a long way.   Then my mind had an even more evil thought.  Her telling me to be in the nighty (or some other outfit) when she got home from work. eek!

Mistress liked my post from yesterday.  She particularly liked that last few photos.  Here are more from that blog.

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