Thursday, July 9, 2015

Panty Thief

Mistress and I have a lot of clothes.  I have my male clothes, probably 1/3 doesn't get worn but once a year if ever.  I also have a lot of femme clothes that I have accumulated over the years.  Those clothes as well don't get worn very often either, darn it :-)

 At some point a year or three ago, Mistress put a bunch of her clothes in storage.  A large suitcase has bras, panties, night wear, naughty bedroom clothes, etc.  I run across these frequently when looking for something else in our basement.  Due to my recent orgasm free weeks, I ran across these clothes and started thinking.  She hasn't worn these in some time.  I guess she doesn't want them.  I wonder if anything will fit me.  I went through the items and came across 3 pairs of panites that might fit me, and would also hold my cock and balls.  I have many pairs of panties, but a fair number of them do nothing to hold me in.  Sometimes thats a good thing, because you can never forget you're wearing panties.  The bad thing is all you want is to get into something comfortable.

So I took the 3 panties and put them in my drawer.  The next day I wore a pair of nice smooth green boyshorts and that evening Mistress asked what I was wearing and asked to see them.  I showed them to her and she said she had never seen them before.  I assured her that she had seen them.  She swore she didn't.  Red faced I told her where I got them.  She seemed very surprised.  I had fully intended on her finding out, but not this way.  I was looking forward to seeing her face on laundry day to see her expression or during some teasing session where I tend to over confess.

Yesterday I wore another pair, and again Mistress asked to see them.  I showed them to her and she seems to be a little shocked, but I don't think it's a bad shock, more of a surprise.  Now I have never worn a pair of her panties and hadn't ever thought of wearing the ones in her drawers.  I have fantasized about making me wear a pair of her dirty ones as a punishment or for humiliation, but have never done it on my own.  Being that these panties hadn't been worn in so long made me feel OK in taking them.

Now she is playfully calling me a thief.  Just thinking about it makes me think of all of the stories I read when I was younger about what happened to guys that got stealing panties.  It's a common theme in the female dominant world.  It also reminded me back to when I was a teenager and stole panties from a few different girls and women.  Thank goodness I never got caught back then.

I'm so turned on writing about this I was on Target's website looking for something similar to Mistress' panties.

Tonight is a date night for us.  We are going to try and bring back a night from our first year of dating.  We would go out, come home after a couple drinks, go straight to the bedroom and have naughty time.  It's been ages since we have done it so I am particularly looking forward to tonight.  

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