Friday, July 3, 2015

Told what to wear

I am learning that there is something very hot about being told what to wear by Mistress.  Even something as simple like what I should wear when we go out.  From wearing panties to stockings or a bra under my male clothes.  From wearing a nighty at night to full on crossdressing with makeup.  From restraints or a butt plug to being told to put on my chastity device, being told what to wear pushes my submissive buttons very well.

Right now I find myself a victim of yesterday's horny post.  Mistress had me wear a nighty to bed with the instructions that I can't take it off until she tells me to.  She did allow me to put additional clothes on so I wouldn't get cold, but that's not an issue.  I put on a pair of panites to that my cock wouldn't stick out.  I'm not cold, I'm trying to maintain some modesty.  Just writing about it is making my cock so hard.  

Mistress is currently in bed asleep.  So me being in my outfit is only mildly humiliating.  I know when I hear her get up I will have butterflies in my stomach.  When she comes down the stairs I will get anxious.  When she sees me in my nighty and panties I will die of humiliation just a little bit.  As I make our breakfast dressed this way I will second guess myself about this side of me.  

At the same time I want Mistress to verbally taunt me, to touch me and make me aware of my situation.  I want her to make me pose in my outfit or to even take pictures of me to tease me about.  Essentially take my humiliation and anxiety and twist a knife in it.  As humiliated as I would be, my submissive core will be fed.  I don't know how to explain it, but just thinking about humiliation makes me hard.  

I am a lucky slave!


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