Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The effect of smell

So I followed through with my plan yesterday.  I took a bath in perfume while I shaved.  The smell put me in a very naughty space.  I finished shaving and put lotion all over my body.  The lotion smell took away the perfume smell from my bath, so I was happy I saved a little of the perfume for afterward.  I got dressed in some very lacy panites and then put on a light pink lip balm as well as some black mascara.  I have only worn clear mascara out of the house so of course I thought everyone would notice.  I made sure any of the mascara that had clumped was removed which I think made it very passable.  As I was walking through the store I would get  a whiff of the perfume.  Every time I smelled it a small lightning bolt would go to my brain and my cock.  All through the night I would smell the perfume and get a little aroused. Even during the night I would turn over in bed, get a smell of my perfume, feel the nighty Mistress had me wear and I would melt a little bit inside.  I learned that smell is very powerful and I fantasize about Mistress incorporating smell into our day to day as well as our play time.

I woke up in my nighty and got out of bed.  Every morning that I wake up in a nighty there is a mix of shame and arousal.  I don't think I could have one without the other.  The arousal makes me ashamed and the shame arouses me.  Especially when Mistress sees me, and even more so when she says something to me.  It's hard not to slip into subspace a bit when you are a man traipsing through the house in a nighty.  It humiliates me (in a good way) and excites me.  I truly appreciate that Mistress seems to get something out of putting me in a nighty.

Lastly, I find it interesting that the longer I go without an orgasm the more I think about my feminine side, humiliation and chastity.  With more frequent orgasms I am more into the BDSM and pain part of me.  I'm sure there is a reason, but I'm betting it has to do with testosterone dropping and estrogen rising when denied.  It's kind of hot to think about that...  The brain is a funny thing, especially mine.


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