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Text chat with Goddess - Dec 30th, 2013

• Goddess: I will be home around 4. You will be naked, except for your collar, on your knees in front of the door. And you'll have the whip handle in your mouth.

• Me: Yes, Goddess.

• Goddess: You know that you'll cum on New Year's Eve, yes?

• Me: Yes, Goddess.

• Goddess: Here is what we'll do: At the stroke of midnight, you'll have 24 hours to cum however you want, as many times as you want. That includes in my mouth, my pussy, and on me.

• Me: Holy shit, really!?

• Goddess: That way you'll be nice and ready to go at least until May, and well beyond, in 2014.

• Me: OMG thank you thank you thank you Goddess thank you.

• Goddess: But...

• Goddess: Since I'll be home at 4...

• Me: Yes, Goddess?

• Goddess: I'll have 8 hours to tease and torment you mercilessly. These will be the most horrific 8 hours of your life. I'll be so cruel with the edging and denial that you'll beg me to take away your NYE orgasms just so I'll stop.

• Goddess: Brace yourself, slut!

Follow Up to This Text. 

OK, so New Year’s Eve:

As my prior post said, I was to be naked and collared, waiting at the door with her favorite whip. I was, and she came home wearing a sweatshirt and jeans. She quickly removed these, to reveal that underneath, she was wearing: and a pair of boots. (She apparently bought it recently but was saving it for that night.) She was wearing purple lipstick as well. Needless to say, my jaw dropped and my cock aaaached with months and months of frustration. She reached down and grabbed it and I gasped.

"Ready for 8 hours of pure agony and pain?"

I nodded, unable to speak with the whip in my mouth.

"Good," she said, smiling. "But those legs aren’t nearly spread wide enough."

I had thought they were wide spread, but clearly this was unsatisfactory, and I spread them to the point that my thighs hurt.

"Good boy," she said. She had placed her purse on the ground next to me, and she reached in and pulled out her lipstick, and she began writing on my chest with it. I couldn’t see what she was writing. I later saw that it said "Slut" on my chest, and she also wrote "Goddess’ Property" above my cock, as well as various things on other parts of my body. One said, "Cocksucker."

She also tied a light scarf over my eyes as a blindfold. I couldn’t see but I could feel her hot breath as she closed in, took the whip from my mouth, as if she was going to kiss me, but pulled away last minute and laughed. Then she drew a finger along the underside of my dick, making me whimper in need. I was already whimpering and there were eight hours remaining.

I heard the clack of her boots against the wood floor, then suddenly I felt the whip wrapped around my neck. She was behind me, pulling me back and choking me slightly.

Do you want to cum tonight?"

"Yes, Goddess."

"Will you be good and earn it?"

"Yes, Goddess."

"Good boy."

She released me, but a moment later I felt the brutal sting of the whip on my back. I screeched.

"Oh, quit whining," she said. "I want to hurt you. Now keep your mouth closed." So I bit my lip hard as she lashed me three more times, and I didn’t make a single sound.

I heard some shuffling around but couldn’t tell exactly what it was.

"Do you miss my cock?" she asked.

"Yes, Goddess."

I felt her largest dildo at my lips, and I of course opened up to invite her penetrations. When she got further down, I could tell she was wearing it as a strap-on, and I pressed my nose to her belly button. She fucked my throat aggressively and mercilessly. I used to almost puke when she did this. After months of cocksucking, I can now deepthroat easily, and I took her whole fake cock easily.

She continued this for a long time, what actually felt like a good 20 minutes although it’s hard to say because I was blindfolded and losing my brains. After some time she pulled out of my mouth, then pulled aside the strap-on and made me lick her cunt. My favorite thing in the world, Goddess’ pussy. I devoured and kept throbbing and pulsing, and I listened to her sweet sweet moans until I could feel her knees buckling, and she came from my torments.

She bent down again, and this time actually kissed me, pulling my hair and roughly shoved her tongue into me, before releasing me and slapping me across the face.

"Bitch," she said.

"Thank you, Goddess." Then I hesitated, because sometimes she wants me to encourage her and sometimes not. But I couldn’t help myself. "Hit me again, please."

She laughed. Good move, and she slapped me twice more.

"Thank you, Goddess."

"You’re welcome, whore," she said as I could feel her fastening a leash to my collar. Then she started walking and dragging me. This is a thing she does on occasion. Usually, she likes to give a little tug to indicate which way she wants me to walk, then I follow. Once in a while, she’ll just start walking, and be in full stride until I catch up. That was that night, when she dragged me away from the doorway and over to the living room, where she removed my blindfold and ordered me onto the chair. We have an under-the-bed restraint system rigged elaborately to the chair, and I was strapped in, with my legs together and my feet on the floor, but my arms bound and spread. She then went to the TV and put on a compilation of porn movies, including some of my favorites. (In case anyone is curious, this includes several movies from

To recap, it had been over 120 days since my last release and I was in a terrible state, with my balls so swollen. But that didn’t stop her from stroking me slowly as I watched my favorite orgasm denial films. I groaned and squealed.

"Want me to go faster?" I wasn’t sure what to say. I did, but I also saw the clock and it was still more than 7 hours left. But I know she wanted to torture me, and she matters, not me.

"Faster please, Goddess."

So she began stroking at full speed. She is a master of knowing exactly when to stop to keep me on edge, and at this point, it takes only a few strokes. For the next hour (not exaggerating), she kept me consistently on the edge without putting me over. I’m not sure she’d ever kept me on edge for an entire hour before, so this was a turning point, and there were still hours to go. And the next phase was her mouth.

I won’t go into all the detail, but suffice it to say she did largely the same thing with her mouth as she did with her hand. She also, at times, used her hitachi on me (that really gets to me) as well as on herself (she had removed her clothes, though not her boots, at some point and I’m not sure exactly when). She orgasmed a good four times, with her eyes shifting between the screen and me.

It was around 9, with 3 hours to go, when she actually mounted me and began to ride my throbbing cock. There was a moment when I thought, for the first time in our relationship, that I wouldn’t be able to help myself and I’d cum without permission. It was that bad. However, she went slowly enough, pacing very carefully. She was able to keep me in misery while not sending me over. I groaned so loud the next county must have heard.

"Be quiet, bitch," she said. So I bit my lip and made not a sound as she rode me. She also hung her breasts right in my face. She fucked me in a couple different ways, including turning around and facing the TV as she rode my lap. She stopped and started several times, getting off of me and getting back on, and also cumming when she rode me facing away and putting the hitachi on her clit.

It was around 11 — time almost up — when she unhooked me from the chair and lay on her back on the Ottoman. “You on top,” she said. I knew I had to handle only an hour more, but this would be a brutal hour, because when she lets me get on top, she never lets me go slow. That night was no different. Even though I went slowly, she wrapped her legs around my thighs and pumped me in and out and I grit my teeth as I stared at the clock. 59 minutes… 58 minutes…

"You want to cum tonight, slut?"

"Yes, please, Goddess."

"You’re not fucking me like someone who wants to cum." So I started fucking her harder despite the pain and agony and frustration. 57 minutes… 56 minutes…

She pushed me out and said, “Do you really think your last 45 minutes, are about your pleasure?” She put her boot on my shoulder and gave me a kick so I fell on the floor. Then she straddled my face, and I licked away, for the entire remaining 45 minutes, while she moaned and played with her breasts and I watched.

And then, when the moment came…

"Midnight, slut." She stood up. "How do you want to cum?"

Oh God. Here it was. I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t actually say anything. I just wanted to cum.

"Better decide, or I’ll take away your orgasm."

"From…behind…" I just barely managed to eke out. She bent over the Ottoman and I took her from behind, and with just a couple pumps I released in one of the most overwhelming orgasms I’ve ever had. I nearly lost consciousness.

As I mentioned before, the next 24 hours were free for me. I came in her mouth, on her tits (which she licked up), in her pussy again, jerking off on her … so many ways. It got me ready for the New Year, because this is a year we want to break records.

On a related note … while I was virtually passed out from that first orgasm that night, she said something about “Mid-August.” I don’t know what it was in reference to. But maybe that’s a hint

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