Wednesday, December 4, 2013

12/4 diary post #1

Today we have a storm so I am working from home.  To keep the day interesting I will post a few times during the day with thoughts, things I have done, etc.

First off, I failed to do all the things my Mistress asked of me yesterday.  Here was my list and the status of each item.

Your tasks for today...
Pick up my prescription - Failed yesterday - completed this morning.
Make a nail Appt Saturday morning - Failed Yesterday - completed last night.
Plugged for 3 hours - Done from 11:08 AM to 2:22 PM
Return tablecloth - Done, picked up new one.
Tights and camisole under your clothes - Done, in fact I wore up until bedtime.

Being that I failed, Mistress will normally remove all D/s from our lives for some time as my punishment.  No D/s is a pretty good punishment.  It's easy for her to do, and there is no potential reward for me.  There are some other D/s punishments out there, some of which would be a true punishment, but she feels this is best. That being said I was surprised to wake up to this this morning.

Since you didn't complete your task list yesterday, here is what you will do for me today...
1) Masturbate until you cum
2) Paint your toenails (I really like the purple)
3) While in the house today, you are only allowed fem clothes 

1) I am such a tease and denial guy, this is actually a punishment for me.  
2) Yay!
3) Yay!  So Yay, I actually am wearing some femme boxers and a tank to work out in.  Additionally I had to run a couple errands very early, so I put on some femme jeans I have (pretty deniable with mens boots) as well as a pink top I was able to hide with my fleece and I ran my errands.  It's the first time I have ever worn anything out and about that was femme.  My one quick inside stop was so fast it didn't even phase me. A trip inside a grocery store would make me very self conscious, but I am sure no one would know. 

Before I got out of bed I edged myself.  Today's tasks reminded me of a blog post I saw yesterday which I edged to the idea of these pics being me (they are not me).  More posts later today.

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