Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Today's Edge - Hangover Thoughts

I had planned on edging to the thought of tying up my Mistress and give her multiple orgasms for hours, but that plan changed.  Last night I had a guys night out and this morning I woke up hungover.  When I am hungover I am horny and have very naughty thoughts.  Today was no different.  I edged again and again to thoughts of being force feminized, locked in high heels, strict collared, shackled, plugged, corseted, clamped, locked, gagged, etc.  I thought about being edged again and again.  Forced to suck a dildo.  Pictures taken and posted online for all the world to see. Forced to wear femme clothes at home every day and night.  I think my hangover thoughts are the scariest as there is really no limit.  

similar to how I imagine being at home

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