Monday, December 16, 2013

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Below is the text and pictures of a blog I have refernced a few times now.  This got me to the edge rather quickly today.  The post and come interesting comments can be found here

Wednesday, December 11

The Importance of the Strap-On Dildo to a Marriage

I consider the strap-on dildo to be an essential tool (pardon the pun) amongst any dominant wife's belongings.

We have all been genetically shaped and then nurtured to the traditional sex role models where the male is dominant and the female is considered submissive. Not even david and I can completely escape it, because those images and ideas are so culturally pervasive. So instead of escaping it, I use it. If the female is supposed to be submissive, rather than fighting that I make david assume the female role, and I the male role.

It starts with feminine lingerie such as panties, bras, stockings, and garters. I force david into those sorts of garments.

He is made to look ridiculous, but inescapably "the female" despite himself.

I myself tend to dress in a fairly conservative, business-like manner (it's what a woman needs to do to be taken seriously in business).

The mixture of me in my work clothes and david in his frillies uses those traditional sex role stereotypes to my advantage when dominating him.

It continues with his spankings. He must come across my knee, and I make sure he is hoisted into a very sexually submissive posture.

Also, I insist on vocalisations from him when it starts hurting. He is not allowed the dignity of the "male" stoicism when being spanked.

When he is in his frillies, and when he is being spanked, I refer to him in female terms. I remind him that he is carrying on like a little girl, for instance. Or if I see an erection, I tell him what a little slut he is.

This has the effect of using all those millenia of evolution and a lifetime of cultural programming as an aid in dominating him, whereas one might have thought it would be a disadvantage.

The effects are even more profound when there is a second woman there, such as my sister, to witness him and laugh at him in all his "femaleness".

While this "panty training" or "petticoating" is very effective, nothing beats the strap-on dildo to mess with those sex-role stereotypes and turn a hulking man into a very afraid little girl!

There is little better for reversing roles than making your husband  kneel at your feet, take a large lifelike dildo into his mouth, and perform oral sex on it, the deeper the better, with a hand on the back of his head for encouragement.

The only thing better is to flip him over, put his submissive pantied ass high in the air, rip off his panties, and force him to receive anal sex from the strap-on dildo.

As with other women, I will refer to his asshole as his pussy, and his penis as his clit, as in "reach behind and spread your pussy lips for me you little slut". Or, "do you like your little clitty rubbed as I fuck you, huh?" Or, "I'm going to pound this naughty little pussy so hard you won't be walking right for a week, bitch!"

I say things like that to reinforce that he is "the female" and I "the male" according to the traditional sex role stereotypes. That way I have all the evolution and all that cultural conditioning on my side, where it belongs.

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